4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art announces new artist residency program for Australian artists to Beijing in the studios of art Shen Shaomin

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is proud to launch a residency program in Beijing supported by the renowned Chinese-Australian artist Shen Shaomin.

In 2012, 4A will offer a month long residency program in China. This is 4A’s first international initiative for an artist from Australia. Selected through a competitive application process, the artist will be based at the artist studios of Shen Shaomin located in Beijing, presently China’s most vibrant epicentre for contemporary art.

Shen’s studios were set up a decade ago when he moved back to Beijing after years spent abroad in Australia. The expansive complex served as the site for contemplation and reflection on his cross cultural experiences. It is where he conceived much of the experimental and audacious installations which have been presented throughout the US, Europe, China and Australia in the past decade including his ‘Bonsai’ series and silica gel figures of former communist leaders at the 2010 Biennale of Sydney.

Shen is now keen to nurture creative experiences and new opportunities for Australian artists in his studio complex in Beijing. He is keen to give younger Australian artists access to new cultural networks as well as establishing productive connections between China and Australia.

Director Aaron Seeto says “Since 4A’s inception we have been dedicated to facilitating creative networks between Australia and the Asia-Pacific. We are proud to be working with one of the key Chinese-Australian artists who has been involved with 4A’s activities for over a decade. Since returning to Beijing, where he has developed a significant international profile, Shen Shaomin has been thinking very deeply about the type and quality of support that can be offered to Australian artists, and he has very generously offered his own studio as this cultural bridge. As we move through the Asian Century, it is important for artists and the cultural sector, as it is in other industries in Australia to have the opportunity to witness some of the big cultural changes taking shape in the region.”

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