4A Exhibition at the Australia Council for the Arts

On Wednesday 15 February from 3-6pm, the Australia Council for the Arts will be hosting a small celebration for 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art’s current exhibition on display in the foyer of the Australia Council.

The exhibition presents a selection of emerging, mid-career and established artists including Eric Bridgeman, Will French, Shen Shaomin, Cyrus Tang, Jason Wing and Soo Joo Yoo who examine the shifting cultural alignments between Asia and Australia.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art’s curatorial approach has been to look at shifts in contemporary visual arts practice due to the increased mobility of ideas, skills and exchanges that occur within the vast socio-cultural networks of Asia and Australia. The artists’ work in this exhibition reflect these shifts. No longer is identity articulated simply from a position of cultural background and migration. It is also formed through technology, history, globalisation, economy, industry and the accumulation of cultural knowledge.

If you are in the area we hope you will join us for a drink. There will be brief talks about the show by curator Samuel Zammit and some of the participating artists.

The exhibition continues until 21 March 2012. The opening Hours for this exhibition are 8.30-5.30 Monday – Friday.


4A Exhibition at the Australia Council
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art exhibition at the Australia Council
Venue: Foyer of the Australia Council
Address: 372 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
Opening Hours: 8.30-5.30 Monday – Friday



19 March – 30 April 2011

Constellation is a group exhibition bringing together work of four Korean artists who live and work outside of Korea. It is an exploration of experiences of diaspora amongst a 30-something generation of artists. The artists in Constellation are based in Sydney, Auckland and Berlin and explore new communicative possibilities through diverse mediums such as performance, new media, video and drawing. These artists enable us to witness our nuanced relationship with objects, materials, other people and ourselves through playful use of material and form.

Seung Yul Oh transforms childhood memories into surreal large-scale installations. His whimsical works experiment with colour, material and movement as he reanimates toys and games by exaggerating their familiar scale. He presents two oversized inflatables squashed into 4A’s street front gallery. In Rain, a large projected interactive computer game, the audience can create an onscreen kaleidoscope of rain, vegetation, and animals through the speed of their own movements.

Sydney based artist, Soo-Joo Yoo, challenges the traditional definition of drawing as a two-dimensional process. Yoo draws with materials which stretch out from the wall to intersect space, creating sculptural environments.

Kijeong Song, also working in Sydney, employs photography as a means of observing the nuances and intimacies of others’ lives. In her earlier work she photographed couples in intimate settings. Her new work for Constellation is an extension to her earlier practice with a focus on intergenerational relationships. Jajangga is a very personal video work that documents the artists’ nightly ritual of singing her child to sleep.

The exhibition will be opened with ‘It Without A Blink,’ a performance by Berlin based artist Eunhye Hwang. Hwang’s performances investigate communication through public interventions that draw on participatory engagement by an often unexpecting audience. Members of the audience are invited to register their names that will then be orchestrated into a complex arrangement of movement and vocalisation by the artist and an eclectic group of singers and dancers, and performed back to them.