13 May 2010, 12:30pm at Gallery 4A

4A is pleased to present OIL CAN, a performance by Tatsumi Orimoto.

Employing humour, often to the discomfort of the viewer, Tatsumi Orimoto’s artistic practice examines communication. Through the duration of this performance, the absurd gives way to a tender and serious existential questioning.

Tatsumi Orimoto (Kawasaki, 1946) studied at the Institute of Art, California. In 1971 he moved to New York, where he worked as an assistant to Nam June Paik and was introduced to Fluxus. In 1977 he returned to Kawasaki where he currently lives and works. His performances have been presented in several countries including the Biennale of Sydney, Sāo Paulo Biennale and Venice Biennale.

Performance at Gallery 4A ground level