The 4A Set

Twenty years ago 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art was founded by a group of young professionals and artists who banded together to raise money, create work and produce a space that celebrated the connection of Australia to the Asia-Pacific region. With $7,000 raised by these early patrons 4A secured its first space in Sydney’s Chinatown and began to research, document, develop, discuss and present contemporary visual art from our shared region. Today our work is internationally recognised and we are Australia’s leading visual arts organisation working within the Asia-Pacific.

The 4A Set is a new community of art lovers who are passionate about creating cultural understanding between Australia and Asia. Not your regular patrons program, the 4A Set is for friends, mates, lovers, colleagues. Whatever the size of your social set, 4A will connect you and your group with the latest in Asian-Australian contemporary art and voices through a series of dinners, parties and networking opportunities year round – while providing vital support for 4A and Asian and Australian artists.

If you are interested in joining the 4A Set and finding out more, get in touch with 4A Development Manager, Bridie Moran –