The Capital Gains Consultation Project

The Capital Gains Consultation Project developed by Teik-Kim Pok is a participatory intervention into the rituals and economics of commerce in the Haymarket community. Beyond being a centre for trade, Pok’s interest in Haymarket lies in the social relations established as a consequence of daily interactions between businesses within the local community. In the last year, Pok has amassed an archive of stories of the individuals and businesses of Haymarket.

For the past few weeks Pok has been ‘in-residence’ at various locations along Haymarket’s Dixon Street arcade. Among buskers, street vendors and restaurants, the artist will establish a portable studio where passers-by are encouraged to sit down and trade a story with the artist.

On the final day The Capital Gains Consultation Project will culminate at the Dixon Street Night Markets on Friday 19 July, 5-9pm  Pok will present his findings and experiences with participants among the evening trade. It offers the local community a chance to participate and in conversation with the artist, springboarding ideas to establish their own narrative of exchange in Haymarket. Follow the project blog

Teik-Kim Pok is a Sydney-based interdisciplinary performance and installation artist and theatre pedagog whose early solo work examined identity transgression within popular culture tropes. He continues to be invested in intercultural dialogue and its role in engendering communal arts practice, partly through his work as a drama teacher and as Outreach Coordinator, Playwriting Australia. As part of the 2012 Next Wave Festival, Pok mentored the Perth artists Abdul Abdullah, Casey Ayres and Nathan Beard during the development of their project, The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.


Teik-Kim Pok
The Capital Gains Consultation project
Friday 19 July 2013, 5-9pm
Dixon St Night Markets


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This project is part of the 4A Chinatown Mapping Project which is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW and the City of Sydney

4A wishes to acknowledge the support of Chinatown Markets Sydney.