VIDEO: Robin Peckham: Tracing the Post-Internet


Robin Peckham
Tracing the Post-Internet: A Case Study in Curatorial Process

What are the relationships between the movement that has come to be called ‘post-internet’ and the media realities of the historical moment that enables it?  This talk will present the curatorial process and research behind the exhibition Art Post-Internet co-curated by Peckham, paying close attention to the differences between survey methodologies and thematic approaches. Peckham will respond to notions including the differences between intent and effect in artistic practice, the tension between documentation and materiality in recent art, collaboration as a tool, the specificities of the exhibition and other possible realisations, and categories of curatorial work from essayistic narrative compositions to forms of analysis.  This presentation will tentatively structure a logic by which we might be able to expand a thematic understanding of post-internet art based on an empirical understanding of its social core.


This talk was presented as part of the 4A’s Curators’ Intensive 2014. More here


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The Curators’ Intensive is an initiative of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and has been made possible with the support of Sue Acret & James Roth and the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. 4A acknowledges the support of the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art.