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Not Niwe, Not Nieuw, Not Neu

 SYDNEY.  27 OCTOBER  – 10 DECEMBER 2017. Artists: Sir Joseph Banks Daniel...

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Breakfast with a Botanist

As part of our Not Niwe, Not Nieuw, Not Neu exhibition program, join botanist...

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Please Explain: The artist and flower: Responding to Banks and Botanicals

As part of our Please Explain talks series, join Not Niwe, Not Nieuw, Not Neu exhibition...

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Past Exhibitions

Speculative Entertainment No.1 Sydney Edition

Presented as part of Sydney Contemporary – 7 – 10 September 2017 ...

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SYDNEY. 9 JUNE – 30 JULY 2017. Dacchi Dang: An Omen Near and...

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Familiar Stranger

SYDNEY. 7 APRIL – 21 MAY 2017. Artists: Shumon Ahmed, Chun Yin...

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He Xiangyu’s The Swim – Premiere Australian Screenings

SYDNEY – Free screenings: May 25 – 28 2017. 4A Center for...

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Before the Rain

SYDNEY. 21 JANUARY – 19 MARCH 2017. Luke Ching, Liu Ding, Yuan Goang-Ming,...

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Edge In

ADC, SYDNEY. 2 FEBRUARY – 15 MARCH 2017. To work from the edge in...

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